Your truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. That’s such an inconvenience. And you have to get back on the road soon to protect your business bottom line.

Here we bring good news. We offer 24/7, mobile truck repair service.

We only repair semi-trucks, trailers, and other big trucks.

Surely, you now need emergency roadside assistance. Please call us and let’s know how we can save your day!

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    We Only Repair Semi-Trucks & Trailers

    Contact Us. 24/7 Mobile Repair

    Semi Truck Repair near Las Vegas NV

      We Only Repair Semi-Trucks & Trailers

      Contact Us. 24/7 Mobile Repair

      A couple of minutes ago, you were driving your semi truck comfortably, and this looked like a pretty normal day. But suddenly, you began to sense a problem with your truck. And since you are transporting a valuable load, you decided to stop driving for your safety and the safety of others.

      You already took a look at the problem, and you just realized it’s a truck repair out of your league! And you don’t want that this breakdown results in delayed loads, missed opportunities and decreased profits. That’s why you’re here: to get experienced, trusted & prompt mobile semi truck repair near Las Vegas NV.

      24/7 Mobile Semi Truck Repair near Las Vegas NV: Nearby, Fast & Efficient

      If your semi truck broke down, keep calm! Don’t attempt to fix any problem on your own. Instead, you need to contact LV Road Tech Assistance LLC! We offer 24-hour roadside assistance for commercial trucks. So, no matter where you are, no matter the time, or no matter the type of heavy-duty truck repair you need, we’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely!

      Once you call us, we’ll dispatch a heavy vehicle roadside assistance team immediately to your truck’s location. We’ll arrive ASAP so that you don’t spend long stranded on the side of the road.

      If you are transporting a load and you decided to stop because you noticed it shifted,

      Click to Get Our Load Adjustment Services!

      We Only Repair Semi-Trucks & Trailers. We Can Help You with:

      • Load Adjustment Services
      • Water and Fuel Pumps
      • Alternators and Starters
      • Differential Repairs
      • Transmission & Clutch Repairs
      • Flat Tire Changes
      • Brakes
      • Wheel Bearings
      • Belt and Hose Replacement
      • Jump Starts
      • Battery Replacement
      • Fuel Filter & Air Filter Replacement
      • On-site Welding
      • Seals and Gaskets
      • Electrical Repairs
      • Air & Liquid Leaks
      • Troubleshooting and Computer Diagnostics

      24-Hour Service Areas: Las Vegas, Mountain Pass, Mesquite, Amargosa Valley, Golden Valley, Bullhead City, Primm, Jean, Kingman, Hiko, Searchlight, and Baker

      Why Clients Love Us

      Our Testimonials

      Trucker Review Icon
      Axel Amaro
      Reasonably prices

      Reasonably prices…..Thanks…I called this company because my Thermo King engine unit don’t want to start….The guy who I spoke with he was responsible answering my phone calls also the technician that was sent by the company…I solved my issue for $310 and they came to my place to take care of the unit…I’m a satisfied customer…Thanks LV Road Tech Assistance

      Trucker Review Icon
      Juan Guerra
      Good Price

      I call this company the fix my Dpf problem fast and they give me good price I broke down in I-40 50 miles w of Flagstaff az.

      Trucker Review Icon
      Mat Whipple
      Good Guys

      They were a huge help to me with a broken air hose at the nipton scaled, fair price, good guys, thank you

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